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We made a guided tour at the Dannevirke Boarding school, to impress people at KL's Children & Young Summit in Aalborg.
The experience was made to give a more immersive understanding of how a normal day looks like at Dannevirke.

The VR experience was a huge success, and hundreds of people were visiting the stand, to try the virtual tour around the school. This was a great way to interact with the crowd, and give them a memorable insight into the schools' core values and environment.


Client: Dannevirke Kostskole

Focus: Developing a VR tour to engage people

Dannevirke Boarding School is a combination of a boarding school and private special school for children and young people with professional, social and personal challenges.

The purpose of Dannevirke Boarding School is to create a well-functioning school with professionally competent staff who, based on the individual child's conditions, are always able to see new ways and methods that can develop the child personally, professionally and socially.

The goal of the school is that each student finds joy in people and togetherness and becomes a positive contributor to the community, thereby giving them the opportunity to choose life.


Creative Director / DOP: Jeppe Vinum

VR Designer: Sándor Csikó

A flexible solution.

The experience does not only work with an expensive pair of VR glasses.

We designed a pair of cardboard VR glasses, to make the solution even more flexible. This can be sent to both professionals and future students, to give an impression of the place in an early stage. This can also prevent anxiety and other discomforts, in children who have difficulty in new places and environments. All the glasses are made with a dynamic QR code, to lead people directly to the VR experience online.

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