We believe

Our values

are what define
us as a company

Something strong between us.

Digital is undergoing radical changes and becoming more competitive. Simple web creation is now but a small part of the digital ecosystem. At Flowerhaus, we understand that in order to make our relationship more effective and long-lasting, we need to offer a different value.

We've been developing this value since 2015. It's based on listening, innovative support, and quality. It enables us to create strong partnership relations in which each member is accountable for the project's success. We form a single team, working together in the long term.


Design thinking

We schedule kick-offs at the right time and workshops when needed to generate ideas and prepare for the next step.



We can work fast or take our time to include you into the whole process.


Still here

Just because our work is done, it doesn't mean we're done with you. We're always available to suggest new ideas and help you develop yours as the months and years go by.

No bullshit,
just ideas.

We don't have a standard offer. Because every project is unique, rest assured that every one of our ideas is too.

Throughout your project, we act as an extension of your team. And because we're on the same team, we do everything with success, transparency and quality in mind.

User friendly inside,
innovation all around.

Lots of great ideas are ruined by a lack of ambition, but also by a lack of distinction between what is beautiful and what is useful.

This is why we take plenty of time to study your targets before suggesting an optimized, realistic user experience. We apply our highest standards to every aspect of our process in order to make your project an outstanding experience.

and technical imperatives.

Above and beyond project success, we have another goal: to be proud.

Since 2015, we've helped companies all over the world succeed in branding. That's because we always give the best of ourselves to each project, that we always keep our ambitions and standards high, and that each of our productions is on the leading edge of modernism and excellent taste.

What we know
how to

Video Production.
Web & Ecommerce.
Virtual Reality.
3D Graphics.
Business Strategy.

We believe that we can make you grow.

We believe that an investment in branding is an investment in the future.

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